Your pay and benefits

The RCN offers a range of rewards designed not only to pay you fairly for the work you do but also to ensure that we give you a good work-life balance, support your health and wellbeing and help you provide for your family and your future

Our pay scales offer a competitive starting salary and include guaranteed pay progression of at least three per cent a year until you reach the top of your scale.

We have a multi-award-winning Health and Wellbeing programme that includes an independent Employee Assistance Programme. This provides free round-the-clock advice and support on issues such as money and debt management, confidential counselling and legal information.

Our innovative Smart Working policy features a wealth of options. Flexitime, home working and compressed hours are all available to support you in balancing your work and home lives. In addition to an initial 28 days’ annual leave (rising to 32 days’ after two years), we also offer special leave for carers, public duties and moving house. In some circumstances we also offer relocation assistance to help with any out-of-pocket expenses incurred should you relocate as a result of your employment with us which will be promoted in our job adverts.

We like to support our staff as they become parents, and offer up to 24 weeks’ full pay (followed by 15 weeks statutory pay) for eligible staff who take maternity, adoption, and shared parental leave.  We offer coaching and mentoring to ensure that the transition from work to leave and back again is as straightforward as possible, and takes into account the need to adjust to changed family circumstances.  We give two weeks’ fully paid paternity leave to eligible partners.   And we offer paid leave to staff undergoing IVF or other fertility treatment, and to staff whose partners are undergoing treatment.

To support your learning and development we offer study and sabbatical leave as well as opportunities to connect with an internal coach or mentor. We also deliver our own courses and learning opportunities on subjects like project management, career development and assertiveness, as well as entire programmes of learning such as leadership development. You can apply to our Development Funding Panel for financial support to undertake external development too.

When you join the RCN, you are enrolled into our group personal-pension scheme and while you contribute three per cent of your salary the RCN makes additional contributions of eight per cent. The scheme has a range of investment options for you to choose from, including ethical investment funds.

You will also be able to use RCNXtra, a special collection of discounts that give you money off cinema tickets, gym memberships, hotels, holidays and leading brands like Apple, John Lewis, Boots and House of Fraser.

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