Lifestyle choices

Working for the RCN could make you happier and healthier…
At the RCN we strive to ensure everything we do has a positive impact on our members, colleagues, customers and the public. That is why we encourage a positive, people-focused workplace culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Supporting you to find the right work-life balance

Balancing work and life commitments has never been easier. We are a diverse organisation and everyone has different needs. All employees can ask for flexible working and when personal circumstances change we will work with you to find a smarter working solution that suits everyone. In fact, many of our employees enjoy home working, flexible working or compressed hours, enabling them to deliver results with minimum impact to their professional and personal commitments.

Your happiness and wellbeing matter to us

Employees at the RCN work hard. It can be fast paced and at times you could be working under pressure. That is the reality of working for a membership organisation: we do everything we can to support members who often work in tough conditions. Not only will you be rewarded for your hard work, working for the RCN could have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Our award-winning Health and Wellbeing programme is full of activities and initiatives that will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. From cycle challenges to healthy eating, walking-to-work weeks to supporting charity events, everyone has the opportunity to participate in one of our many wellbeing activities.

And there’s more…

We’ll also provide you with our monthly health for happiness bulletin, filled to the brim with wellbeing tips and profiles of your colleagues who share their ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can also benefit from our fantastic Employee Assistance Programme where staff and their immediate families can receive free 24-hour support whenever a problem arises. Then there's our Cycle 2 Work scheme and our member and staff discount scheme RCNXtra. Your health and wellbeing is so important to us, that we’re still adding to this list.

A greener way of working

We strive to ensure our ways of working respect the environment. There are recycling points in every office, and car sharing and cycling to work are encouraged.

You can thrive at the RCN

We believe the only way to thrive is to love your job. And for you to love your job you need to feel happy, healthy and supported. We’d love to help you thrive, so take a look at our vacancies now.
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