Policy and International

In the Policy and International department, we help our members and other interested parties to understand and engage in the development of health care policy. We also co-ordinate the RCN’s international development partnerships and work with other agencies to improve international volunteering opportunities for nursing staff.

Influencing change for the benefit of patients

In this department you’ll help us provide a health policy focus for England and facilitate the co-ordination of health policy across the UK. You’ll also play a key role in monitoring, learning from and influencing EU and international developments that impact on UK nursing.

Policy and internationalWe manage all policy consultation documents received by the RCN and allocate consultations to the staff members with the relevant expertise to lead on developing an appropriate RCN response.

We also work proactively with a range of governmental and non-governmental organisations, including international alliances and sister organisations in other countries, to analyse, understand and influence the development of health and social care policy. To help share that learning with members and encourage their involvement, we have produced briefings on a number of issues that impact on nurses and nursing.

Why apply?

You’ll be at the forefront of our work to influence and develop policies that can improve nursing practice and as a result, patient care. Very quickly, you’ll form strong relationships with many of our staff and active members and work in a fast-paced, dynamic team that can effect real change.

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