A Day in the life of our IT Apprentice

Daniel Williams Daniel is one of our 12 Apprentices across the RCN. A member of our Information Systems team, he works in direct contact with all staff who contact our first line service desk for support and assistance.  Daniel also supports our Information Systems team in the roll out of projects. We caught up with him as he runs through a typical day and tells us why he is absolutely delighted to be a part of the RCN team.

First thing in the morning, I have a look to see if any incidents or requests have been logged on the IT portal. If I can’t solve one myself then I try to see how other members of the team deal with it, or they’ll give me a hand and point me in the right direction.

I listen into some calls, to see how the team goes through the issues with staff and members. I’ve just started handling some of the incidents myself and some of the calls back. My team are all brilliant, I couldn’t ask for any more support!

After lunch I have a one to one with my line manager. My role has changed quite a lot since I started. I’m learning each day and picking up more things, it’s good to go through it all and hear how I’m doing. My manager supports me as much as he can and it’s great to have him guiding me through my role. I remember when I first started, I said I could look something up on the intranet to save him time, but he said I shouldn’t worry about his time, that he’d dedicate everything I needed to me. This was such a relief to hear as a new starter in such a large organisation.

I get in touch with some providers to find a suitable course for my apprenticeship. Eventually I’ll be doing a college placement day every Friday, which means I’ll be in the workplace Monday to Thursday.

I keep an eye on the portal for any more incidents or requests I can fix, then start looking forward to tomorrow. I’m really enjoying coming in each day, doing the job and learning something new, I couldn’t be happier really.

Daniel tells us why he wanted to join us as an Apprentice

When thinking of a career plan after education I never envisaged myself going into an apprenticeship, my plan was to go to university, gain a degree and see where to go from there. I attended Swansea Uni and was studying physical geography, but after the first few months I knew that this route would not be for me and I went to seek full time employment.

After going into a few different jobs I set my sights on finding an apprenticeship in IT. This was something I had a real interest in both in school and at home, and after some research on apprenticeships I thought this would be the best route for me to take to gain a job in the sector.

I started my job search on the careers wales page and this was the 2nd apprenticeship I applied for. I had confirmation that I was invited to an interview whilst in work and I couldn’t wait to get home to look up the RCN. After researching the RCN and reading all about what they did and stood for I knew this was a company I really wanted to work for. It also seemed like an excellent time to join as they were in the process of celebrating their centenary.

Every day after the interview I was on edge waiting for a phone call to find out if I had the job and when I finally had the phone call to be offered the job I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to start from the time I had put down the phone.

The thing that has surprised me with the apprenticeship is how welcoming everyone in the team and the RCN has been to me. But not only that, I am treated as part of the team and not just as the apprentice or as a burden. I feel I am learning every day I come to work and that I am really well supported by everyone in the team, from Ben Matthews my manager coming to each meeting I have regarding my NVQ qualification, to getting to shadow IT Support Operator Ian Roberts on my first few days and getting to know the service desk role. I have even spent shadowing David Cooper, Director of Organisational Capability and Change.

I feel that an apprenticeship is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get into a specific sector of work and the RCN is the perfect place to do this! 

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